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127 Keir Road
Bellthorpe, Queensland, 4552

Arakai Estate produces award-winning Green & Black whole leaf tea.   100% Australian & Family owned.  Our tea is Grown, Harvested, Processed & Packaged in Bellthorpe, QLD.

MOFY Black


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MOFY Black


MOFY Black


This is our little ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan!

From what we thought was a mediocre harvest that was cut too late came this beautifully light, sweet, easy-drinking black tea.

It's a fantastic bare bones, no frills tea.

The only downside - it doesn't look very good! (Also known as 'Stemmy Black').  The late harvest date means there's a bit more stem and old leaf than we like to present in our Spring Flush or Premium teas.  Other than that it's a great tea at a great price!

Packet size is 100g.

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What is MOFY?

This blend is made up of four of our tea varietals:

Meirokyu, Okumidori, Fushin, Yutakamidori.

I guess we could have called it FOMY but it doesn't froth very much!