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127 Keir Road
Bellthorpe, Queensland, 4552

Arakai Estate produces award-winning Green & Black whole leaf tea.   100% Australian & Family owned.  Our tea is Grown, Harvested, Processed & Packaged in Bellthorpe, QLD.

Pan Roasted Green


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Pan Roasted Green


Pan Roasted Green

from 4.00

This is a little side project that has resulted in a unique type of green tea from our 'Premium' harvests.

It's only possible to do very small batches of this tea in each harvest and it takes a lot more time and energy to create than our 'Premium' green.

The end product is a tightly twisted, polished and balled leaf that gives an exceptionally 'creamy' green tea with a lingering sweetness.

Care must be taken when brewing this tea, the first steep cannot exceed 30 seconds or else it will result in a very bitter brew.

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