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127 Keir Road
Bellthorpe, Queensland, 4552

Arakai Estate produces award-winning Green & Black whole leaf tea.   100% Australian & Family owned.  Our tea is Grown, Harvested, Processed & Packaged in Bellthorpe, QLD.

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At Arakai Estate we put a lot of hard work into growing, harvesting, processing and packing the best quality tea that we can.  This is why we send all of our tea out to our customers in strong cardboard parcels to avoid crushing or contamination.  All tea packets are foil lined and heat sealed to ensure freshness as well as for your peace of mind that only our tea is inside.

We send via Australia Post within Australia at a flat rate of $10 for orders under $100 - free for those above.  We aim to get your order sent to you as soon as possible, however we cannot guarantee it will be immediate as our nearest Australia Post office is a 30 minute drive away.  All orders should be sent within 3 days of us receiving confirmation of payment, we hope you understand.  Please add a note to your order if time is limited, as a gift for example, and we will strive to make it happen as soon as possible.

International Orders will need to be made via email so that we can calculate the correct shipping charge, with payment to be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer.  We apologise for this inconvenience but we are not currently happy with the Square Space shipping options.  This will give the best and cheapest result for our international customers.